Friday, January 17, 2014

Silver Works

In spite of the fact that this past Christmas was overshadowed by a family emergency, I managed to make two pieces of jewelry for my sisters for their gifts. (luckily the nephews are easy - iTune gift cards almost always seem to fit the bill for them)

I worked on these pieces in my free time - the raw sapphire necklace was done over the course of a couple of days (a lot of beads to wrap!) and the bracelet was done in an evening - from conception to finish.  I used heavy gauge fine silver for the bracelet and for the focal on the necklace (14 gauge to be exact) and 20 gauge for the wire wrapping on the sapphires.  (and of course the beautiful sapphires came from Turquoise Magpie - who else?!)

The links on the bracelet were formed using the ends of two of my dapping tools (oh, did I also mention I had packed and was in the middle of moving into another place at the same time?!!), as were the jump rings.

The clasp from the same gauge fine silver (I adore working with fine silver - it's soft at first but it is so nice to work with)

The bracelet

Raw sapphire rounds wrapped with 20 gauge fine silver 

The focal for the necklace is composed of two double loops intertwined - 14 gauge fine silver

The clasp
The necklace