Sunday, October 21, 2007

YOJ week 40

*Sigh* - I've been so bad at keeping up with this blog..........I had hoped that when I signed up for the Year in Jewelry (over on the Creative Wire Jewelry Forum) that I would be spurred on to posting my work here - and the intentions have been good, but lack of time and my infernal surfing when I get on the computer have both wreaked havoc with that idea. So, here are the first three weeks all in one day - along with my fervent hope that this will not be a common occurence.

The theme for the first week (or week 40 to those that are keeping track) was Falling Leaves. I had some beautiful black steel wire I used to create about a million jump rings to which I added some 6/0 seed beads - kind of soft earth colors. Connected them all into a necklace (about 21 inches long) and added some beautiful glass AB leaves in varying hues of pink, green and very light aqua. Not your typical fall leaves! I created a "s" clasp for cosure. The brown tones in the seed beads keep it from looking like a spring creation.

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