Monday, October 6, 2008

The Absent Blogger........

It's been a good while since I've posted - the out of doors work has been keeping me VERY busy and since there are only truly 3 months of warm summer weather here in the far reaches of Maine, we tend to try to take advantage of them while they are here. For those interested, I got a LOT done on the outside - added a Rhododendron bush, a Star Magnolia tree, a climbing rose bush, 3 Yew trees, about a million irises, 4 boxwoods and two other small bushes that I found in the clearence section of the garden shop.

The first 5 mentioned items were picked up (by my fantastic dear hard working SO)at an area business that had closed and subsequently been sold to the town for a new Fire Dept. Before they cleared the way for the new building, they offered up some of the gorgeous plantings on the property and we were SO lucky to have been on the receiving end of this - of course we had to go dig them out and transport them back here but it was really worth it. Next year the yard will be in full bloom and I am really looking forward to seeing it!

I made a few simple things, mostly because I HAVE to just to keep my sanity - just a bit of eye candy for you!

Tourmaline chips, fresh water pearls and sterling silver........mmmmmmm I LOVE tourmaline!

My newest favorite - millions of cobalt glass beads and yards and yards of wire - made it all from the jump rings to wrapping each bead.....didn't make the heart shaped closure though - got those (which I really like as they are so versatile) from my LBS .

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Kzphoto said...

Beautiful work!
I have recently started making jewelry. I saw your email come thru in the group so I stopped by to check out the site. I am a photographer but love arts and crafts.