Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More fun with the Bench Grinder

Did I tell you I love my new bench grinder?  I'm having the best time and experimenting with anything and everything metal!  Starting with a piece of copper pipe (actually a connector), using my pipe cutter I cut it into three pieces.

One of the pieces I smoothed and then using my dapping block, I domed it very carefully. (remember, this started it's life as a piece of copper tubing)

I have some wonderful brass thingies - not really sure what they are actually used for but I love the shape and the heft of them so I bought a few.  I took one of the pieces of the copper, domed it a little bit and fit it around the brass piece.  The copper ring moves and rolls around the brass and is held in place by the flare of the ends on the brass.

Another penny - this time domed and drilled to make a bead cap. Now I just have to get some beads that will fit it! (off to go shopping at magpie gemstones!)


Anonymous said...

I really like what you're playing around with/ copper pipe. I too have been playing with it, also the slinky flexible gas line pipe. I cut a section of copper pipe and then sawed it length wise and flattened it out to have a small 'sheet' of copper to play with. Keep at it!

SharDon Exclusives said...

I think at the bottom of my posts are pictures of a necklace that I made with Copper elbow fittings if you are interested in a different take on copper. I loved working with the beads on the elbow. I have sold one and still have the other. I also have beaded beads around small slices of copper tubing but haven't featured it yet. Love your work!!!