Monday, March 21, 2011

New Tools and Stuff

My newest gift - a third hand kind of contraption (available at Radio Shack here) that will come in so handy I am sure! It has adjustment knobs on all the critical parts and it's nice and heavy on the bottom so it won't tip over on me when I get in the middle of a project. 

On another outing on another day, I finally went to the central Maine store of all stores - the one I've been hearing about since I've lived here - the one that has three floors of shopping joy - everything from guns to wedding dresses to beer - yes the one and only...........
Husseys General Store.  I actually spent more than two hours going from top to bottom - up and down every aisle and in and out of every hardware parts drawer in the place.  It was awesome!!!! And I came away with some great jewelry making supplies - like a nice big bunch of steel shot (for under $4.00!!!!!!)

and a boatload of copper.........including some 3/16" copper tubing (6 feet for less than $3.00.......I will cut it up and use as spacer beads, tube beads, maybe even smash it flat and make a copper bangle) and some 1 1/2" round copper pipe - the possibilities are endless for uses!!

While trolling through the hardware drawers, I found these wonderful copper washers and rivet looking thingies -
and in the hunting section I found these hollow all copper bullets - which I already have a project in mind for.

A great afternoon of shopping!

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