Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bracelets, bracelets and bracelets!!! oh and Some Rings

Went on a copper bangle binge.............tried out a couple of ideas a lot of times!



Shaiha said...

Just love the fourth bracelet! The copper and the blue look great together!

I really need to get some copper in a lower gauge so I can try to make some bracelets. I picked up some 16 thinking that would work but think I might need a 12 or 14 instead. Aw well. Good thing that copper isn't hideously expensive and I can afford to mess up.

mrs beadsley said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I love working with the lower gauges - I prefer the 12 although I have made some with 14 and 16 gauge. If you beat it up enough (love doing that!) after a time even the 16 gauge hardens sufficiently for bracelets.
Whatever you decide, have fun doing it!