Monday, November 12, 2007

Week 45 - Inter-Connection

Using some (of my MOST favorite) black steel and some 8mm vintage (glass) pearls, I created single swirled components out of the 19gauge steel using a hand-concocted jig (simply a 3/8" metal rod in a piece of pre-drilled teflon) and my needle nosed pliers. That satisfied my desire for symmetry in each unit and made it much easier to form each swirl.
Before I added the loop at the end, I slipped on an 8mm vintage pearl and then connected them so the necklace resembles a sort of vine curling around itself and up and around the neck, and the pearls seem to float on the vine.
I added a hand formed "S" clasp and an extender chain (for added length), but once it was on it seemed too plain, so I added three lengths of curved, hammered steel, staggered in length, each with a pearl, to the center unit. When on, the necklace sits on the collarbone and the center dangle rests just at breast level.

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Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous!

bad_mama said...

Hi :)( Sorry for my English I am Russian)

I love your work and you made me try to make my first piece...
And I fall in love with wire...Still not confident though. This Necklace is fantastic! And I have to confess I want try to copy it - just for my self... Black and white is my favourite colour. I am not sure about this black steel. I bought some from and smell like old car :) Is it ok to wear this wire, or it will liave some marks and I need use some vanish?

mrs beadsley said...

no need to apologize for your English - it's great and thanks so much for your compliments on the necklace and my work. I am not sure about the wire you got from black steel I use I found at a local hardware store. I have had no problem with the black rubbing off when I wear the pieces I made and I didn't have to put any sort of coating or varnish on it. And I must admit, I did smell mine but it sure doesn't smell like an old car!!! :-)
Welcome to the world of wire and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! If you ahe any other questions, please let me know!