Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Something New

I tried something a little different today - I made a macrame bracelet using some magatamas (tear drop shaped seed beads) in pearl and purple. I have some black braided fishing line that I thought would work really well with's thin and really tough - it knots nicely and most importantly the beads fit on it! I did a really simple half knot which naturally spirals, so I staggered the pearl and the purple so that once made, the bracelet is a spiral in both color and design. This bracelet, which is 7" long, took me oh so many hours to complete - one reason being my rustiness at doing macrame but also because the cord I used is so thin - it is almost micro-macrame. I added a handcrafted brass wire "S" clasp and an amethyst dangle at the clasp. It's light and comfortable to wear (I will probably make the clasp much smaller though) and I am already envisioning it in different color combinations.

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