Monday, January 7, 2008

Week 1 YOJ 2008 - I Can Do This!

Having been hampered by a poor internet connection, I am behind on posting this weeks project to the Year of Jewerly blog. I apologize.

I created a coiled wire heart pendant (in memory of my beloved standard poodle, Lady MacBeth who was diagnosed at the end of her life with a "heart that was too big"). I used 16 gauge copper wire around which I coiled 22 gauge copper wire. I then fashioned a heart out of the the wire (using various items to wrap around and create curves in the wire)and added a spiral to the end. I added the hemimorphite heart bead - to symbolize her heart at the "right" size. I added some copper coils as end caps and a hand crafted copper "S" clasp as a closure.

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samiam said...

What a wonderful way to pass on the love of a pet through this beautiful piece of jewlery.