Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The People Have Spoken.................

.........and asked for more of my "elegant jewelry", (their words, not mine) - so in the spirit of democracy, and because it is election day here in the good old USofA, I created a nice, delicate, sterling silver, pink pearl, garnet confection (but of course, the silver connectors were BEATEN with a HAMMER)which just happens to be very elegant. Well, that's how MY dictionary defines elegant........heheheh.
I created the wavy connectors with some 18 gauge and 20 gauge round sterling silver wire. I used my round nose pliers to form the wavy shape, then flattened them. I used some 24 gauge sterling silver wire to create the pink pearl and garnet rosette - as you can see it needs a little tweaking; then I added the pearl, garnet wrapped beads and a nice sterling silver lobster clasp.
Just my interpretation of elegant!

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Kim said...

This is such a pretty piece - very feminine. ;)