Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The finished steel necklace

Well, here is the completed necklace. I added a beautiful pewter focal (actually a button!) and some more dangles from the focal - a couple of vintage crystals, a vintage pearl, a ceramic leaf and a few other things. I also took some of the beads off the right side - although I loved the look of two beads per loop, it seemed to make the necklace a bit lopsided.

A fun necklace to make!

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Cattrix said...

Very Nice! I would wear that in a heartbeat.. :) I Love the SING dealys... I have made a few things with the stainless but it doesn't shine up very well, but I used it off a big roll and it was 18ga and had a matte finish,, I will look for the smaller ga wire and experiment with it.