Friday, March 12, 2010

Brass Heart Necklace

I got a pair of metal shears and some dapping punches - I so love new tools! (I got the punches from here)

So, new tools means new projects - which means experimentation!!!!
I have a sheet of red brass, 22 gauge, that I have had for a while. So, I just started cutting.
Remember I said it was experimentation time - this heart came out a little lopsided so I decided to roll one edge of it so it appeared more symmetrical.  After I cut it out, I used the dapping punches on it to give it texture, drilled couple of holes in it;
wire wrapped some of those wonderful 'red velvet' crystals (20 gauge brass wire);
added some petite glass pearls, some gold filled rondelles;
and a wonderful flower shaped magnetic clasp.

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