Friday, March 5, 2010

More copper etching

After working on the pendant for the malachite necklace, I wanted to do some smaller etched pieces.  I used the discs I made from the pennies (see here ) I flattened.  I experimented with a couple of designs - one that was very busy and one that included some initials.  For the "busy" one, I drew a web of sorts on the disc, then etched it in the etching solution for 30 minutes. 
I put it in the gun blue for about 30 seconds, then wiped off the highlights so it's a little patinaed. 
For the second one, I used a small letter template I have and put my initials on it, along with a few geometric shapes to fill it out a little.
I also used the gun blue on this one, but there aren't really enough crevices for it to look patinaed.
I got the etching solution from Radio Shack (more than a year ago though - I have heard they no longer carry it in their retail stores) and the gun blue from the local hardware store.

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A Beaded Affair said...

Love the etching and your bead choices are stunning.