Sunday, October 3, 2010

Attack of the Frogs!!!

Sometimes, no matter how pleased you (ok, maybe it's just me) are with a piece, let enough time go by and you can always find something wrong with it.  I was pleased as punch with the way the  kumihimo bracelet with the leaf clasp came out.  Really I was. (see for yourself here ).............that is right up until my friend tried it on - just to be a guinea pig she said.  Never a bad idea, right?  Well, it just didn't work on her.  Not only was the bracelet too big, the clasp was entirely too big for her wrist (she's a tiny girl - small boned and just small in general) and not only that, it flopped around too much.  I had to do something - so I rippppppp(ed)it, ripppppppp(ed)it, ripppppppp(ed)it (hence the frog reference) out the bracelet and started over.  With 560 of the same color seed beads............and this time I made a neckalce. 
This time, instead of using the cotton crochet thread, I used some 20lb test braided ice fishing line - it's called Cortland  Ice and I love it because it behaves like cotton thread, it is thin enough to use a big eye needle to load the beads and it's strong - so adding 560 size 6 glass beads is like nothing to this line.

While I was in the braiding mood, I made another bracelet - this time finishing it with a sterling lobster clasp.  The looped crimps ends hold really well.................I don't think I need to add glue to the ends - which I like because that step gets messy.
It may be too plain as is so for future ones I will play around with adding beads or another type of clasp - something a bit more decorative perhaps.

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