Friday, October 1, 2010

Autumn Leaves

The beginning of fall here in the Northeast always means an over abundance of leaves everywhere........on the car, on the steps, on the ground.............and since they're more at eye level, they provide a lot more inspiration - at least to this girl.

I created a leaf out of some recycled copper sheet (here) which I had planned to use in a piece of jewelry, but then once that leaf was done, the ideas for what to do with leaves took over my brain.  So, combining two of my most favorite things (right at this moment.......) I wove some deep green and dark bronze seed beads (kumihimo of course); cut a leaf out of my recycled copper sheet, hammered, shaped and drilled it and added it to the length of kumihimo as a clasp.
The leaf needs to be etched and oxidized - neither of which I have with me.......but you get the general idea.

This time, when I wove the kumihimo I used bead crochet thread (no idea what size it is).  Once I wove the first half inch or so, I realized it was a very, very thin braid........and I had the idea to use a fold over crimp end (you know the kind that is used on leather or satin cord necklaces) as the finish on the piece and they worked wonderfully.

The hold is nice and tight.  I added some antiqued copper cones which I secured onto the crimp end with some copper wire and then attached the clasp to that.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting how the bracelet looks to be of different colors when photographted in different ways...
beautiful bracelet, btw... the leaf is a stunning touch!