Thursday, January 31, 2013

Year of Jewelery - Week 5 - Deja Vu

The challenge this week is deja vu.  This bracelet is a design I originally did for the blog hop Memories and Thanks - for that bracelet I used aquamarine rondelles and the fine silver coated pennies. My sister loved the bracelet and asked me to make one for her using the colors of the Baltimore Ravens football team.  I made that for her last week and she wore it to work for her firms "Spirit Day" - which netted two more orders. (for those that may not know, the Baltimore Ravens are playing in the Super Bowl this coming Sunday - which may or may not be attributed to the wearing of this very special bracelet)

I used pennies once again - this time I used fine silver wire to coat the top of the pennies - I think I like this treatment much better than the PMC coating.

I used 18 gauge sterling silver wire for the coil connectors

I wrapped about 1,000 (okay not really - more like 50) 4mm and 6mm Swarovski crystals in black and purple (I made the head pins using 22 gauge sterling silver wire)
I created a clasp using 16 gauge stering silver wire - I balled both ends of one piece of wire and made a hook and out of the other piece made a ring; hammered it for texture and strength.

I hope the recipient loves it - more imprtantly I hope it brings the Baltimore Ravens much luck in their football game on Sunday.

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Northern Adornments said...

This is a fabulous piece! Nice work :)