Sunday, February 10, 2013

Year of Jewelry 2013 Week 6 - Embrace

I work at a machine shop - not a conventional job I admit, but it runs paralell with my passion of metal and the things that you can do with metal.  One of my cohorts at the shop was forming some brass tubes - tiny brass tubes.  After checking the parts, as is almost always the case, some do not measure up for one reason or another.  I was offered the parts that didn't make it - and I just knew they would be perfect for a chain.

I used silver wire to wrap them with - I like the contrast of metals.  Once I had the chain completed, using some 10 gauge brass wire I fashioned a heart (also wrapped with a touch of silver) and hammered it:
I added some large crystal rondelles I had (12mm I think) for color and created a hook clasp out of some 16 gauge brass wire.

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