Thursday, February 28, 2008

No Jewelry - but prize winners none the less!

I have been among the missing lately - have not made any jewelry nor posted to the YOJ2008 for the past two weeks - and these guys are the reason why. May I present Simon (on the left with the white patch) and Theodore, on the right.......nine month old Standard Poodle puppies (yeah, can you even believe they are puppies???)that came to live with us about two weeks ago. They are brothers and came to us through a rescue group that we were lucky enough to find in our area. After losing three of our dogs in the last year, we knew we wanted more dogs but wanted to get them from the Animal Rescue or a similar situation. Our eldest (16 years old) dog, that we lost in August of 2007, was a Standard Poodle - I got her as a 12 week old puppy - she is the reason we wanted more poodles. Besides being so darn cute, they are smart as a whip, they don't shed, they're loyal, love the outdoors and water (we live on a lake) and are very social. What's not to love? But being that they are only nine months old (they weigh 50 lbs!) and that they came from a kennel situation they have to be taught everything - from when and where to poop and pee to how to climb the stairs. And the fact that there are two of them keeps me running from morning to, well, morning. But it's a joy!

So, in case anyone asks, this is my story.........and I'm sticking to it! Luckily I am now able to work on my jewelry again and will post some pieces shortly. (unless the dog eats them!!!! hehehe)

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Sammie said...

I would like to commend you on your rescues. I use to foster for basset hounds rescue but after having rescued 10 dogs on my on over the years I found myself to be too busy to foster any more. Your boys are beautiful! I am also sorry for your loss. We have lost three dogs and one cat over the past three years with the last one being 17 yrs. old. I also have three cats and one of them will be 22 yrs old if he makes it to Aug.

I also love your jewelry! I am a member of WWJGallery etc. and that is how I found your blog. You can find me here: