Monday, February 11, 2008

YOJ Week 6 Aquarius Astrological Sign

Hello from the (extremely) snowy, windy, frigid Northeast!!! (I'm tempted to say something about global warming about now but will refrain....)
This weeks piece is a very industrial looking necklace crafted from 19 gauge steel wire and a sprocket (discarded and *gratefully* gifted to me)from a chain saw. I was lucky enough to be gifted 7 (or so) of the sprockets this past summer (prime time it would seem for chainsaw repair) and thought them intriguing looking pieces and have been waiting for the right project to use one in - and it seems it was this theme. The Aquarius zociac symbol (one of them anyway) is 2 wavy lines - which just happened to look fabulous framed out by the sprocket. I used 19 gauge black steel wire to form the waves and spiraled the ends and added some blue crackle cube beads to represent water. For the chain I made some 'spring coil' components and connected them with 'S' links - made with the 19 gauge steel wire. One side of the sprocket has a thin outline along inside edge of circle with no design and the other side has logo and size/part#. It had a definite personality and is not frilly, swirly or girlie but I think I really like it!

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