Saturday, December 6, 2008

Transformation of a UFO

I was attempting (!) to organize my work area, and as so often happens when I do that, I came upon some pieces I had put away - either because they were not finished, or they didn't come together the way I had envisioned, or the colors were all wrong ( get the drift - some of these UFOs have languished for years); and so in my organizational frenzy, I came across a zippered bag of peyote tubes - all colors, lengths and sizes, pulled out a long one created with some gorgeous iridescent orange seed beads, paired it with some antiqued copper spacer beads, some faceted opalite rounds, two opal Swarovski crystals and a length of memory wire. I kinda like the look...........................

When I tried just stringing the peyote tube on the memory wire, I didn't like how floppy it looked and felt, so I first strung some size 10 seed beads on the wire and then pulled the peyote over the seed beads. They seem to fill the opening of the tube just enough for it to retain it's round shape and not go flat on one side. I'm still not sure about the arrangement of opalites and crystals on the ends - I may rearrange that at some point as there is something "just not right" about the ends.

So, how many UFOs do you have stashed away? And how often do you take them out to try and finish them?

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