Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Day in the Studio

Another day spent hammering pennies - did I tell you how much I love my job?  After creating the cute little copper and mixed gemstone bracelet yesterday, I did what I haven't done yet - I thought "line of jewelry".  Yup.  Shocked myself, I tell you - but still I thought it was a great idea.  All because of that copper plumbing thingy and the bracelet created from it.  Go figure.  I love the look of the copper wire wrapped loops and the slightly smaller rondelle beads in the bracelet, and I think it makes for a mix and match possibility you don't really get with chunkier bracelets.  Plus, when I wear bracelets I end up looking like a gypsy woman, I pile so many of them on. 

So, some pennies - flattened, drilled and buffed - ready for words, names or just random letters to be put on them (once I get in my order from Harbor Freight - oh I DO love tools!!!!)
some fabulous little 'red velvet crystals' from my fabu local bead shop (Beads on the Kennebec), wrapped in yards of 22 gauge copper wire, and closed with a cute little copper heart clasp. To wear alone or.........

with one created with a mix of gemstones (wonderful strand I got from Turquoise Magpie - hands down the BEST place to get your gemstones)..............or maybe

you're like me and you'll wear them all at once.  Why not?  Life is short - make it colorful and bright!

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