Friday, April 29, 2011

From the Workshop

More fun with enameling pennies!!! I really enjoy working with the enamel and playing with the colors and blends......and after making two bracelets and a necklace (picture of that to come soon!), I realized I was going to have a LARGE amount of enameled pennies - too many for l'il old me to use up for sure. So, I brought some in to my LBS (Beads on the Kennebec in Augusta) to perhaps place a few of them and see what kind of interest would be there.  I was thrilled (to say the very least) when the dozen or so I brought in sold out in one day, and the owner requested "about 100" more!!!!! Yowzer!  More play time with colors and the torch!!!!
Here is the first batch (I actually ran out of gas for my torch!!!) I brought over to her today:
As well as a large amount of the turquoise (specifically requested by one of the LBS customers) mix pennies, I did some red:




and some purple:


Islandgirl said...

Those are lovely congrats on the sale!

mrs beadsley said...

thanks Islandgirl!!!

JUNE said...

These are so cool...great colors! Are they really pennies? june

Gretchen said...

You girl are onto something!!! Great job! So happy for you.