Friday, April 15, 2011


In the workshop today to finish up the enameled pennies bracelet and to make another bracelet - I am stuck on pennies right now for some reason - maybe because they are so plentiful here at the house (and most all of them are pre 1979 - a BOON for me because that means they can be used in jewelry making applications!) - as the pictures will prove.

Using the turquoise blue/green pennies I enameled, some 14 gauge copper wire and a wonderful copper toggle clasp, I created a charm bracelet of sorts.
Once I photographed it, though, I thought it looked too, well, copper.  I decided it needed some patina (I use Perma Blu gun bluing), so I dunked it and rubbed it to show some highlights and like it so much more now.

For this bracelet, I used (again) some pennies that I drilled and domed; some 16 gauge copper wire and again a beautiful copper toggle clasp.
A spring connector

closeup of one of the pennies


Elizabeth Golden said...

Beautiful! So where Can I buy the eleven penney bracelet?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all of the information on enameled pennies! I'm working up the courage to try some and just love the look of yours. Thanks again.