Monday, April 4, 2011

More Torch Fired Enamel Pieces

Another day of working with enamel.  This time I drilled the pennies then domed them before adding the enamel. 
I worked more with layering and colors......trying to achieve a depth to the colors and a more uniform coating of the enamel.  The multiple layers allowed a more varied palette of colors - I stayed in the blue/green family simply because I plan on making a bracelet with these. (the two red ones are from the last enameling session)

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phyllis ann said...

I love your work and i am going to try some enameling...i have been soldering on pennies and stamping them...i want to try this..i have soem supplies ...when you so the penny so you heat it on the brick or do you do it some other way? thanks for sll the stuff you are posting it is most inspiring and informative!