Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Plumbing Aisle.....

..........offered up it's treasure - I'm not entirely sure what it is - some sort of hanger or bracket or something - but it screamed out "jewelry" to me!  I bought three of them not knowing what I would do or what I would be able to do with them so they sat next to me on my bench while I figured it out.

I stretched one out and buffed and shined it - thought it might look good with some gemstones in it.........
I used some luscious large magnesite, garnet and sterling silver............I liked it but wasn't sure how I would attach it - the wire works but I can't get it to look messy enough (you know, that "chaos" look that some wire wrappers excel at - well, I don't) or neat enough, so put that aside while I thought about it.
flattened one of them and then buffed and shined it up (I just LOVE my new bench grinder) - I'm thinking a bracelet for this piece;
I found my leather stamps (I used to tool leather in a previous incarnation and have accumulated a number of stamps) and used one of them to stamp a design into the copper - random though it is;
and wrapped some cute little rondelle gemstones I got from Szarka (a fantastic buy - a strand of mixed gemstones - all sorts of colors and stones) and fastened on a cute little copper heart clasp.  It's a rough prototype - next time I want to rivet the holes (once I get to that lesson :-)) and I will hopefully have my new letter stamps so I will do something different on the copper.

Now, going back to the copper and magnesite piece I was thinking about.........
While rooting around in my stuff, I found some copper brads, or maybe they are a sort of rivet - I got them a while ago with the idea that I would learn how to use them, but they seemed to fit this idea perfectly.  So, I used some sterling silver wire to string the stones on (I left off the garnet - it just didn't fit into the cup of the copper thingy), put the end of the wire over the hole in the copper thingy, placed a brass nut over that and the copper brad/rivet thingy over everything; flipped the piece over and hammered the brad/rivet flat.
I hosed up the other end - very badly - so rather than call it a complete waste, I just kept experimenting (I now know what NOT to do, heh heh heh) and fashioned a sort of pendant.  Or something.  Whatever.  It was fun and I got to do a lot of banging and buffing and the likes. 


carole said...

Hi Mrs. Beadsley:
I think you are very clever!!!
I am really impressed with the bracelet. See, the imagination is a necessity. I wish I ahd an imagination like yours. It is okay because I will follow you and keep enjoying yours!!!

Annotated Margins said...

I have a million pipe straps that I use to secure zip-ties that act as hinges on the corral panels that I made to contain my Chihuahuas in their yard. I love using things for purposes never intended. But your idea is better. I like metal jewelry, copper particularly. Your work is wonderful.

mrs beadsley said...

thanks carol!

Annotated: You gave me an idea for my next necklace (cuz of course I went straight to the basement to see if I have any of those pipe straps - found some!)- what a cool, useful piece of copper. thanks for sharing "hardware notes" - and please feel free to share again! thanks for visiting!