Friday, February 12, 2010

Shopping Spree

Went on a shopping spree yesterday - at the bead store, of course! Our Local Bead Store is fabulous.  Linda, the uber awesome owner of Beads on the Kennebec is an avid beader herself so she stocks all the latest and greatest, of course, as well as local artists' beads and findings.  It's really an awesome little bead store with an amazing assortment of goods and great classes, too!  Take a peak at my haul:

really sparkly, yummy huge crystal's in a rainbow of colors

these gorgeous saucer beads - here in blue




and green! (think I went overboard?????)

and some sweet little "Pandora" type beads I'm going to use for some bracelets for my young cousins.

All in all a great shopping day!!!

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Debrina said...

Wow - this looks like a great fun spree! I just wish I had the money right now! Of course - I wouldn't be buying new. Just hand-made, 2nd hand or bartered, lol!
Thanks for stopping on by The Barter Circle and maybe oneday we could barter?!