Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's just Common Cents

.........or maybe I should say the new jewelry line from mrs beadsley's is anyway! I am having fun with pennies and all the things that can be done with them.  I think they are interesting when flattened, left whole, buffed or whatever.  And since there are boxes and boxes of them here at the house, that equals a lot of opportunities to explore creative ways to use them in jewelry.
So, I collected some tools and wire and beads - and a penny of course
some lovely aventurine beads from Turquoise Magpie
a lovely heart shaped clasp from my local bead store - Beads on the Kennebec
copper wire from my local hardware store - Audettes - Ace Hardware
wheat penny drilled and domed
the finished piece.  Now named "(un)common cents".


SharDon Exclusives said...

WOW! How cool! I love using found objects to create a one of a kind creation. Your idea about the penny is wonderful. How do you dome the penny so well without destroying the image? Great job. I love the design and the beads,

m. heart said...

Beautiful jewelry! I'm wondering the same thing about shaping the penny...
Thanks for commenting on my blog today!

mrs beadsley said...

I use a steel dapping block and a large bolt I had downstairs (queen of the reduce, reuse, recycle movement here!). That said, there were a few pennies sacrificed in the pursuit of a clean dome being done. I also heat the pennies on top of my woodstove (in sand in a stainless steel bowl) so I don't have to whack them all that hard.
thanks for looking and posting such nice comments!